Motivational Dance Quotes and Performances to Keep You Inspired


Dancing is about inspiration, after all you are creating art.  As you move across the stage no matter in what style, you’re telling a story to be heard by many.  As dancers, we look up to inspirational performances and choreographers that provide the tools we need to deliver our best show we have ever put on.  Like many of these quotes indicate, dance is magic, poetry, discovery and many other wonderful things.

Inspirational Quotes

“Dancing is silent poetry.” – Simonides

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” – Constanze

“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” – Vicki Baum

“Dancing can reveal the mystery that music conceals.” –Charles Baudelaire

“Dance first.  Think later.  It’s the natural order.” – Samuel Beckett

“Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” – Martha Graham

“Dancing is the world’s favorite metaphor.” – Kristy Nilsson

Inspirational Performances


‘Fix You’ by Coldplay, Performed by Robert & Allison SYTYCD


Tap Dance World Championship 2012 – Solo, Performed by Aleksandr Ostanin


NYC Ballet Presents NEW BEGINNINGS Performed by NYCB Dancers

Take this inspiration and run with it.  Create something new that you know will leave a lasting impression on many forever.  You don’t always NEED an extra push, but when you do, quotes and inspirational performances are always a great source to get you motivated.  Perhaps you’ve inspired others with your own performance, leaving you with such a great feeling.  Ultimately, dance is about expression and so is inspiration.

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