First Time Dance Parent Survival Guide


Costumes, music, classes, and competitions – it can be so exciting for a new dancer, but don’t let the details deter you from a great first year as a dance parent!  With these excellent resources, tips, and tricks for you to take into consideration, you’ll be getting into the rhythm of a fun dance life in no time.

Staying Organized

Whether it be a dance class, rehearsal or competition, being prepared is the best possible thing that you and your dancer can do.  According to Dance Advantage, you should “Talk to your dancer about packing and organizing his/her things,” “The best way to make sure he/she isn’t forgetting something is to have a physical dancer’s checklist.”  Make up your own or take a look at this from Dance Advantage.  Of course you won’t need all of this for just one day, but it may give you an idea:


Let Your Dancer Be Responsible

Something that you may not grasp as a first year dance parent, is that a large majority of what goes on in the studio is manageable by your dancer and that lessons learned in class and in preparation go a long way.  In our studio open communication is plentiful, meaning we’ll make sure that students are always in the know of what is going on.  Trust your dancer and let him/her learn from their mistakes.  “Let your dancer be responsible.  Don’t hover.  Don’t immediately bail him or her out of a mistake,” says choreographer Bree Hafen “This will only help prepare them as they enter the professional world!’

Responsibility Concept

Trust Our Teachers

Our mission is to develop accomplished and versatile dancers that achieve and exceed personal goals on the dance floor.  We are committed to giving our students the personal attention and guidance that is necessary to be wholesome and well-rounded dancers.  Should you be observing your dancer as he/she performs in class one day, refrain from passing immediate judgment on their progress.  It’s okay!  The teachers and instructions have it under control, we are here to help the dancers grow their skills.  “You may not understand ever decision or technique that each teacher uses,” says Hafen “but you must be willing to accept that most teachers really do know a thing or two ;).”


Don’t Panic!

It may take some adjustment time for new dancers to decide if they like their new hobby.  Chances are, they just might be finding their groove!  A dance mom over at the Raising The Barre blog had a very similar experience.  “The ‘dance bug’ had bitten her and she loved every step of it,” she said “I don’t know what happened the first season but, I just went with what she wanted.” The learning and adjustment curve can be different for every dancer but the curriculum at Dance Mixx will challenge and inspire today’s young dancer to become tomorrow’s performer.


Wear The Correct Attire In The Classroom

Chances are, if you’ve read step one, you’re already on your way to understanding how important this one is.  At most studios, classroom attire is very important.  Be sure to check our studio’s website, call or ask fellow classmates parents to make sure you are prepared with exactly what your dancer should be wearing to class.  You can find Dance Mixx Studio’s classroom attire information here.

Ultimately the common goal between dance teachers and you as parents is to see your dancer succeed both on and off the dance floor.  As a first time dance parent, it can be tough taking on the challenges that come with a demanding schedule, but we want your dance life to be the best possible.  So remember, stay organized, let your dancer be responsible, trust your teachers, don’t panic and look out for classroom attire standards for your dancers!  We’re happy to have your dancer join our studio and know you will love it here!

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